Monday , 24 July 2017


I’m glad I know I have ADHD, but I’m not glad I have it.

By Rick Green A few months ago I blogged about those dark moments, when things would overwhelm me, and I wished I’d never been diagnosed. “It would have been better to just carry on like I was.” That despair engulfed me when my best efforts, latest strategy, or brilliant new tool, would fail. One step […]

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Living with Adult ADHD and New Strategies for Organization

Difficulty in dealing with disorganization due to adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is frustrating and wastes so much of one’s time. I feel it is the foundation of issues that requires finding a solution that works before one can move out into the world and focus on actually living. My disorganization has robbed me of years … Continue reading "Living with Adult ADHD and New Strategies for Organization"

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The Best Thing Anyone Ever Said About ADHD Medication

By Rick Green I’ve stopped and started taking ADHD medication four times. The first time I started was nearly 15 years ago. The fourth time I started medication was yesterday. Over the next month, I’ll tell the story of each start & stop. Each time I started was for a different reason. Each time I stopped was for a different reason. But today, I want to talk about why I stopped taking medication the second time, and why I started again. Because it was the only time I succumbed to pressure and other people’s opinions.

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