Friday , 24 November 2017


By Rick Green, I wanted to tell you about a couple of heroes who work behind the scenes to keep TotallyADD humming. Both work part time, and both put their heart into this. One is Jimi Doidge. He has the challenge of working with me and producing new videos, sales, newsletters, uploading blogs and products in the shop, creating the shop pages, linking everything together so it works, helping to develop out new quiz which we will be launching in the next week, and a dozen other things. At one point Jimi came here to our office every day. (The office being the spare rooms in the house.) This year he got married and moved across the country, which I thought was a brilliant strategy. But then I learned about Skype. Now, to be fair, I tried to learn some of the processes involved in making the site work. However, it quickly became clear that the ‘back-end’ can be a pain in the back-end. I’ve concluded website design is basically black magic, voodoo, and possibly created by aliens... because it requires precision and attention to detail. (Horrifying, I know!)...

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