Monday , 24 July 2017

The Least You Need To Know

By Rick Green, Like many adults diagnosed many years ago, I learned about the disorder by reading books... Okay, skimming books. I have to tell you, there was far less information, but I was overwhelmed by what there was. And because the research is ongoing, today there’s even more to learn. In fact, there’s always more for me to learn... And some things I’ve had to unlearn because of new research and discoveries. Today it’s almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed by Blogs, Podcasts, E-Books, videos, and more. Where to start?...

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The Hardest Habit To Build? Building Habits

By Rick Green, I’ve mentioned recently that at my lowest moments, despairing, I thought, “I wish I’d never been diagnosed.” That’s not true, of course. Having an explanation for some of my challenges, an explanation that I can work with, has been hugely helpful. My despair wasn’t about being diagnosed. It was that, “I tried to make changes. I tried to follow an organizing system. And I failed. Again. For a while I had hope that things were transforming! But obviously it didn’t last. And once again I’ve failed.” I didn’t try hard enough to break my old habits... Which I also know is not true. In fact, you cannot break old habits. You can’t just tough-it-out. You can’t just try harder.

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