Monday , 24 July 2017

Can’t Sleep? Me Too!

We were at two large ADHD conferences that were about a month apart. One of the topics that came up in a lot of the interviews we did was sleeplessness. Poor sleep. The ADHD adult as a ‘Night Person.’ The result of these interviews, and some of the interviews we had already done before them, are assembled into two cool new videos...

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From Clutter To Coach, One Woman’s Journey

By Candace Taylor, Woman Under Clutter "Why does our house look like this?" That was the question tossed at me one day by my then eight year old son, upon returning from a play date at a friend’s immaculate and organized home. He walked into the kitchen, looked around as if he smelled something funny (which may have been the truth), fixed me with a suspicious and accusatory glare, and asked the same question I had been asking myself for years. Why indeed did my house look like this? “This”, being precarious piles on every flat surface, calendars from 5 years earlier still on the walls, and endless projects of every description with no end in sight. Cleaning house was an archeological dig. and my desk had become the Bermuda Triangle of important papers - the more important the paper, the quicker it sank from sight, never to be found again. The best response I could come up with was...

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Stop Using ADHD as an Adjective — It Stigmatizes Me

I’m going to start my first post off on my soapbox regarding a pet peeve of mine: mental illnesses or conditions like attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit disorder (ADD) being used as adjectives to describe behaviors, personalities, or people. You know, things traditionally identified as nouns. This post is not the first someone … Continue reading "Stop Using ADHD as an Adjective — It Stigmatizes Me"

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