Friday , 24 November 2017

Parenting Kids with ADHD? It’s Back to School Time!

By Rick Green. It’s back to school time. Every September I feel the pull. The dread. School was never a great experience for me. Each teacher phrased it differently, but all of my report cards bore the same warning: “Ricky is capable of achieving more.” And the only specific advice the educators gave my parents […]

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By Rick Green So is about to launch a whole new look. Very different, but simpler to use. If you’re worried that the videos, blogs, Forum posts, and Tools you love will be gone, let me reassure you, all the content is still there! So it’s not a new site. It just looks like […]

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Adult ADHD and Urgency: Dealing With a Now or Never Impulse

People with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a complicated relationship with time. ADHD-ers often suffer from “time blindness” that makes time management difficult because we often can’t accurately measure time. It can make both everything and nothing seem urgent. Today, I would like to address this “now or never” aspect of our time-blindness. ADHD’s Urgency Makes Delaying Gratification Difficult … Continue reading "Adult ADHD and Urgency: Dealing With a Now or Never Impulse"

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