Monday , 11 December 2017


By Rick Green

So is about to launch a whole new look. Very different, but simpler to use.

If you’re worried that the videos, blogs, Forum posts, and Tools you love will be gone, let me reassure you, all the content is still there!

So it’s not a new site. It just looks like it. More like a complete facelift.

Here’s a sneak preview (just an image – the links don’t work… yet).

TotallyADD ADHD Friendly website

Behind the scenes, well, that’s where the biggest changes have happened.

How? I haven’t a clue. But catching snippets of conversation between Ava and David as they work with Paul, Adrian, Atty, Michael, Jason, Duane and others to restructure everything, it’s clear that the changes are profound. Everything is more connected and searchable, and that will just keep getting better as we go along.

So maybe calling it a facelift doesn’t do it justice.

Which reminds me, Bryce Hallett [] who does all the cartoons on the site, has come up with a slew of new and fun illustrations too!

Designed for the ADHD Mind

Here are a few of the improvements that will matter to you and I:

  • The site is faster to load.
  • The text is easier to read.
  • It’s less cluttered. Less distracting. Less confusing.
  • Everything works 17.5 times better on mobile devices. (It might be 18.9 times better, but I’m being cautious and not over-promising.)
  • It’s easier to get answers to your questions and specific topics.
  • Newcomers will find basic information. Regulars are guided to the latest content.
  • The shop is less confusing.
  • You can now stream purchased videos as well as downloading them! (Take that NETFLIX!)


It’s Almost Done! But Far From Finished.

The new site is scheduled to go live in the next week or so. However, at one point we had hoped to be live by the 4th of July, so there is that… (Blush. Stammer. Clearing of throat.)

A few minutes ago I peeked at some of the emails going back and forth, and though I didn’t understand some of the discussion, it was clear things are working, solutions are being found, and glitches eliminated. So, fingers crossed.

Every day one step closer. Or fifty steps. Almost a pilgrimage.

Once we’ve launched, I’m hoping you’ll tell us what you like, ask questions, spot typos, offer praise, like or dislike stuff, offer comments, and even share suggestions to make it even better…Because this new version of the site isn’t just user-friendly, it’s programmer friendly, so we can change things ourselves, easily.

For someone with ADHD, it’s heaven! I can tell you that I haven’t been this excited in ages. And I’m excited pretty much all of the time.

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